Last October I quit my newspaper job in a small Ohio town and moved west to Utah to be in the same place as my boyfriend, rather than two time zones and 1,600 miles apart. He is from Ohio, too, even though he might not tell you that. He moved to Salt Lake City in late 2008 and has no plans on leaving because this city is a mecca to many different kinds of people, including outdoor enthusiasts.

I love being outside in the sunshine. There is plenty of sun here and plenty of amazing places to enjoy it.

Fresh tracks in fresh snow at Alta

Blooms at Red Butte Garden

The view of Bryce Canyon National Park from Inspiration Point

This blog will spotlight the places I visit along with tips and ideas for making the most out of a visit to Utah. Of course, there are certain things I like more than others, and my journeys are often based around them: ice cream, cheese, anything that reminds me of Austria or Germany, and good scenery, and all of this must be affordable.

I do not believe that I can tell you how I truly feel about something if it was given to me for free. I know this because I have been in that predicament before. So if I cannot afford it, I will not pay for it. I will accept your suggestions for places to visit and ways to make activities more affordable, but in the end, all decisions are my own. Just like my words and photos. If they are not created by me, I will tell you whose work it is.



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